Top 5 New England Saltwater Fish Species


The New England coast offers anglers many species that are challenging to land and good to eat. The types of fish caught can range from 1 pound to 500 pounds. The following list explores the five most favored New England saltwater fish species.
Striped BassStriped bass are similar to their freshwater cousins, only the saltwater variety can range anywhere from 1 pound to over 60 pounds. They prefer seaworms, eels, and squid. They can be found closer to shore and in bays.
Winter and Summer FlounderFlounder are favored for their tasty thick fillets. They are easy to catch and will bite on sandworms, clams, squid, and bloodworms. They can be caught offshore from piers, bridges, and breakwaters. They like sandy bottoms.
MackerelMackerel are another important food fish for humans and they are also important food for many other fish and marine mammals. They are fast swimmers and easily caught with small baitfish, clams, crabs, squid, and seaworms. They range from shallow waters to deeper waters.
TunasIf you are looking for a big fish that can go up to 500 pounds, bluefin and yellowfin tuna will offer a challenge for even the most experienced angler. They are caught with chum and chunk baits using medium to heavy tackle. They are strong fighters when caught.
CodCod are one of the most sought after species of party fishing boats. Unlike other species, they can be caught year-round and enjoy clams, mackerel, strips of all fish, crabs, clams, and seaworms. They can be caught from the shore, but are typically caught from boats.
New England certainly has many more exciting species, but these are the top five that are preferred by most anglers. Saltwater fishing is challenging and you must be prepared with the right equipment and bait for the species that you wish to attract. New England saltwater fishing is something that anyone visiting the area should try at least once.